Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chapter 5: You Scratch... I Scratch

I stared in amazement at the equations and formulas covering the page in front of me. Was it really possible? According to my calculations, if one could enter his own mind at the exact moment when deep sleep hit, he could play an active and controlled role in his own dreams, directing the scenery, the characters and even the circumstances. If this could be accomplished than children suffering from reoccurring nightmares could turn their dreams into something beautiful and pleasant. Dreams could be harnessed and even possibly recorded and viewed by someone outside of your dream.
The idea was incredible and hard to believe, but if the figures that I had calculated were correct, than it was very possible. All I had to do now was figure out how to create a machine that would be able to control the neutrons in the brain without harming the one being tested. Perhaps it was time to make a trip to the pet store.
I had just put my jacket on when Howard’s voice came across the intercom.
“Hebert, Old boy, there’s a call for you on line one. I’d wager it’s a chap from school. A female… chap.” I could picture his sly smile and I had to choke back my irritation at him. It wasn’t like he never received calls from female editors or anything. I determined to give him a hard time next time he got a call from a woman.
“Thanks, Howard. I got it.” I picked up the receiver knowing full well who it was. Sandy.
“Hello? This is Herbert.”
“Hey, Herbert. I know who you are. Who was the English guy who answered the phone though?”
“That was my brother Howard.”
“I thought he was Japanese or Chinese or something.”
“Oh! He was… I mean he wasn’t, but he was… I mean, the book he was writing was…” Was it necessary for me to explain our family affairs to Sandy? “He’s British now.”
“What?” I was feeling confused as well, so I stopped trying to explain. “… Okay… Well, I called to ask you how the interview with my dad went. Did you say yes? Are you going to run for class president?”
“It sounds like your dad already told you about it. Didn’t he tell you what I said?”
“Don’t be silly, Herbert. My dad keeps most things that happen in his office very private. However, I thought that our being friends and all… Well, I just wanted to know what you decided.” My mind began to work quicker as I listened.
“Sandy, if your dad didn’t tell you what we talked about in his office, how did you know that he asked me to run for class president?” I could practically hear her squirm.
“Well, I might have mentioned to him that you would make a good Class President…”
“Sandy! Why? I don’t want to be the class president! I can hardly stand on two feet at school. What kind of leader would I make? Are you trying to kill me!?!” I could practically feel my blood begin to boil. I had to cool down. I had to think clearly. I picked up a glass of water from off my desk and began to sip it while waiting for her response.
“Herbert Young, I’m surprised at you!” I hadn’t expected that. “Here I am trying to help the school and keep it from falling to the ground around us, and you’re giving me a hard time for involving you!”
“Sandy, the school is more likely to fall to the ground around us with me in a position of leadership! Besides, I’m about to make a scientific breakthrough. I don’t have time to waste making posters and speeches.”
“I’m about to make a breakthrough too, Herbert. But I can’t do it without putting ears into high places. I can’t jeopardize my private eye position by putting the spot light on me, and you know Brock will never pay close enough attention to what’s going on around him to be any help. You should feel honored that I chose you. Besides, I’ll help you make posters and campaign. It will be a synch. All you have to do is exactly what I tell you… and watch your feet.”
“Oh. That’s all?” I really did want to help Sandy and she really was cute and fun to hang out with. “But, I’m just about to make a breakthrough, Sandy! I can’t put this on the shelf.”
“You won’t have to Herbert! I’ll help you as much as I can on weekends and after school.” I was impressed by her offer. I could use some assistance.
“You will?”
“Sure! But you have to promise me one thing.”
“What’s that?”
“That you will try to win.” I groaned inwardly. What a yucky promise to have to make.
“Alright. What do I need to do first?”

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